Growing Herbs

Civilizations have been growing herbs since antiquity, using these flavorful and aromatic plants for their medicinal qualities, flavor in foods, fragrance, pesticidal properties, and industrial applications. Herbs are considered easy to grow, and can be grown year-round within the right environment.List of Herbs and Their Culinary UsesIf you are planting and using herbs, please be … Read more

How to Grow Beets

Thinking about how to to grow beets? Beets are quite easy to grow, growing best in cool temperatures. The entire beet plant can be eaten, and is a rich source of nutrients, minerals and vitamins. The tops can be harvested while the plant is young and the leaves will be tender to eat. Beet roots … Read more

How To Grow Kale

Learning how to grow kale provides one of the most nutritional vegetables. It is easy, undemanding, extremely nutritious, tolerant of heat, drought, wet, cold, and poor soil. It is full of organosulfur phytonutrients that recent research have shown to reduce the risk of cataracts, as well as cancers, especially colon and ovarian cancer. Kale is generally … Read more

Growing Cucumbers

Growing cucumbers can be accomplished almost anywhere, but they do require warm soil for growth. If you plant cucumbers successively (explained below) you will have a refreshing crop throughout the summer. Be sure to pick maturing cucumbers daily, or the plant(s) will stop producing!Stressed Cucumbers = Bitter CucumbersCucumbers become bitter due to stress. Stress is … Read more

Indoor Vegetable Garden

Starting an indoor vegetable garden (sometimes called kitchen or container gardening) can provide you with vegetables that grow quickly and full. Whether you are growing indoor vegetables to keep the yield small, or are growing them directly from seed in order to transplant in your outdoor garden, it is important to plan well. You will … Read more

Planting Sweet Potatoes

Is your vegetable garden suitable for planting sweet potatoes? Probably! Sweet potatoes grow quite well without a lot of attention; they are drought-resistant, love the heat, and have few diseases or pests. The most important thing to keep in mind when learning how to grow sweet potatoes is that they require warm soil to grow. They … Read more

Growing Broccoli

The most notable thing to know about growing broccoli is that it tastes best if it matures in cool weather. Even though broccoli can be planted in both the early spring and late summer, your fall harvest will usually provide a healthier, better tasting broccoli.How to Grow Broccoli – The BasicsSoilSoil that is rich in … Read more

How to Grow Onions

Learn how to grow onions (including planting onions and harvesting onions), by following the guidelines below. Onion is fairly easy to grow…just ensure that you have the right “day” variety for your area.How to Grow Onions – Onion VarietiesThe formation of nice bulbs is very dependent on the amount of light that the onion plant … Read more

How to Grow Potatoes

Learning how to grow potatoes for your garden will help you grow a vegetable that’s high in nutrients and antioxidants. The measure of antioxidants (per 100 grams) in a baked potato skin is more than double that of a raw carrot.  Additionally, a medium baked potato has 20% of your required daily intake of potassium … Read more

How to Grow Brussel Sprouts

If you would like to learn how to grow Brussel sprouts (actually spelled Brussels) please keep reading! Growing Brussels sprouts was first popular in Belgium and the lower countries of Europe where the climate is cooler. Their long growing season (late spring to late fall) allows for light frosts to improve the flavor and increase … Read more