6 Simple Steps For Growing (& Harvesting) Asparagus

Learn how to grow asparagus in your garden and you’ll enjoy a vegetable that is low in calories and sodium. Additionally, asparagus retains its flavor when frozen. Asparagus is a perennial that can produce for twenty seasons or more if the soil is well cultivated. If you are thinking about growing asparagus, be prepared; asparagus will … Read more

How to Grow Ginger – 4 Steps For Success

Growing ginger is a great way to start an indoor garden if you can create the right growing conditions, and give it some time (1-2 years!). The leaves and flower of the ginger root make it look like a common house plant, and give off a very pleasant aroma when its leaves are agitated. Ginger … Read more

How to Grow Eggplant – And Not Kill It

The most important thing to know when learning how to grow eggplant is that eggplant can be tricky to grow. If you abide by this, you will be prepared to take the time to carefully nuture this great vegetable.Important Things to Know About EggplantEggplant is a member of the nightshade family which includes peppers and … Read more

6 Critical Dos & Don’ts For Growing Tomatoes

Learning how to grow tomatoes is very rewarding. Tomato plants are often vegetable gardeners’ top choice in North America as they are quite easy to grow, offer great versatility and nutrition to the North American diet, and produce an often bountiful and flavorful crop year after year. Even without much room, tomatoes can grow in … Read more

6 Tips For Successfully Growing Carrots

Already know how to grow carrots? Great. Want to learn more? Ok. Carrots require loose, well-fertilized soil, and will grow best in cool temperatures. They like full exposure to the sun and are a great candidate for successive planting. Store them correctly and you can enjoy flavorful carrots for most of the year!The Five Major … Read more

6 Steps to Growing Spinach – Easy to Follow Overview

We suggest learning how to grow spinach – a vegetable considered a superfood, and one that is rich in nutrients. Spinach helps the body protect itself against cancer, heart disease, weakening bones, age related memory loss, and it aids in strengthening the immune system. Growing spinach is quite simple, as we’ll explain below!How to Grow … Read more

Complete Guide to Companion Planting

Companion planting charts often look complicated and can be a little intimidating. We made ours with this in mind and have been told it is the best!The important thing to keep in mind is that companion planting requires continuous learning, which is one of the challenges of vegetable gardening. Becoming a wise and competent gardener … Read more

11 Benefits of Container Vegetable Gardening

Container vegetable gardening benefits those that do not have enough space for a traditional garden plot, live in urban areas, or just want to have a neatly organized (easy to access) garden! This type of garden is planted in containers (pots, buckets, trays, troughs, windowboxes) filled with soil. These containers are usually made from terracota … Read more

How Greenhouse Gardening Works

Greenhouse gardening helps create a controlled environment in which to grow garden plants. Greenhouses help extend the vegetable gardening season, and are useful for protecting your vegetables during the less predictable spring and fall weather. In some cases, greenhouses can re-create a plant’s native environment entirely. A greenhouse can also be a place of calm … Read more

Your Complete Guide to Growing Vegetables – Planting, Thinning, & Potting

Growing vegetables can be very rewarding if some important considerations are followed. As you learn how to grow vegetables, you will see that each vegetable that you choose to grow will have specific requirements for sunlight, water, soil conditions, spacing, and weeding.List of VegetablesIf you would like to know how to grow a specific vegetable, … Read more