Best Chainsaw Chaps of 2020 – Ultimate Review

If you want to ensure your safety while operating a chainsaw, you really should invest in a high-quality pair of chainsaw chaps. Even if you have never considered them before, chaps can be a true gamechanger when it comes to safety measures. Read on to learn more about these amazing products.

Comparison Chart of the Best Chainsaw Chaps


Husqvarna Technical Apron Wrap Chaps

  • Our top overall choice for best chainsaw chaps
  • Wraps around to protect the sides and backs of legs
  • High quality material has PVC coating and Tek wrapped layers
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Labonville X-Treme Competition Chaps

  • Our top choice for runner-up for best chainsaw chaps
  • Offered in four different sizes, with options for extra length
  • Made with ballistic weave technology and a Kevlar polyester blend
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Forester Chainsaw Apron Chaps

  • Our top choice of best chainsaw chaps for the money
  • Has buckles at the back and waist for maximum adjustability
  • Reflective strips provide additional safety measure when doing outdoor work
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WoodlandPro Chainsaw Safety Chaps

  • Our editor’s top pick for best chainsaw chaps
  • Specifically designed to pull apart when it encounters chainsaw blade
  • Incorporates two layers of DuPont Kevlar protection and polyester padding
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Husqvarna Chain Saw Chaps

  • Waist strap and two leg straps make snug-fitting easy
  • Our top choice for chainsaw chaps by the Husqvarna brand
  • Ballistic fibers are strong enough to bind even electric motors
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Are Chainsaw Chaps a Must?

Chainsaw chaps are a protective layer that you wear over your pants on your legs when using a chainsaw. They are intended not just to protect your skin and clothing from the flying debris that is so common when using a chainsaw on anything (but especially wood): sawdust, oil, water, chips, etc.

They are also able to actually stop the chainsaw itself from cutting into your skin if it happens to buck when hitting a knot in a log, or you miss a fine, precise cut, or something else goes horribly wrong. 

Most chaps are designed to fray when cut, in such a way that they become very fibrous very quickly and the fibers will bind up the chainsaw motor. At the very least, chaps will give you enough reaction time to realize what is happening and jerk your chainsaw away before you wind up in a horrible accident.

While there are those that would argue chaps are not a must, you really never know what is going to happen when using a chainsaw, which is far and above the most dangerous of power tools. You can’t really ever be too safe, can you?

How to Choose New Chainsaw Chaps

So how do you know which chaps will work best for you? Here are some of the most important qualities you should be looking out for:

Coverage Area

We will get into the specifics of this quality more once we start going into types of chainsaw chaps, but here is what to consider right now: do you want a pair of chaps that cover just your front, or all of your legs? More coverage increases protection but is also heavier and more unwieldy.

Ease of Cleaning

If you have ever operated a chainsaw without wearing chaps, you know you can pretty much say goodbye forever to whatever pants you were wearing at the time. Chaps can get filthy, and you want to make sure you invest in a pair that can be easily cleaned, preferably something machine washable.


Operating a chainsaw is hard work! Do not add to its intensity by also wearing a pair of uncomfortable chaps. Sure, chaps are never going to be the most comfortable outfit in the world, but there are some that are not as heavy or likely to chafe as others.

Quick Take | Best Chainsaw Chaps

Before you move to the our full review of the best chainsaw chaps, here is a quick take of the top 3 models:

  1. Husqvarna Technical Apron Wrap Chaps
  2. Labonville X-Treme Competition Chaps
  3. Forester Chainsaw Apron Chaps

Review of the Best Chainsaw Chaps

Now that you know more about these products and what to look out for, let’s move on to our list:

Husqvarna 587160704 Technical Apron Wrap Chap, 36 to 38-Inch


  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Can be machine washed in cold water
  • Acetyl Delran buckles are tough and durable
  • Has reflective leg bands for increased visibility
  • Includes an outside pocket that can be detached


  • Has an open crotch area
  • Heavier than some competitor brands
  • Not good for use on hot days because of the weight

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers love the extra guarantee of added safety these chaps provide with their unique design. Instead of merely protecting the front of your legs, this product wraps all the way around your legs to ensure the sides and backs of your legs are just as protected as well. Also, they even cover the user’s ankles!

Why it Stands Out to Us

We were impressed with the high-quality material used on this model. It is high quality and thick, with PVC coating and Tek wrapped layers.

Who Will Use This Most

Multiple users report that these chaps are excellent when doing woodworking, whether cutting firewood or performing forest work.

Bottom Line

The Husqvarna Technical Apron Wrap Chaps are a fantastic product option and our top choice for best overall thanks to their full wrap-around design to protect all areas of the user’s legs, and the high-quality PVC-coated Tek wrapped material. Just keep in mind that although they can be machine washed, they will need to be hung out to air dry.

Labonville X-Treme Competition Chainsaw Safety Chaps - X-Large


  • Includes ankle wraps
  • Endorsed for use by professional loggers
  • Has a wide range of different color options
  • More comfortable than many competitor brands
  • Labonville has been manufacturing chainsaw gear for sixty-three years and is a reliable company you can trust


  • Does not have a pocket
  • Labonville does not list which safety standards they use in manufacturing this product

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers like how easy it is to customize this product. Labonville offers these chaps in four different sizes, with the opportunity to add custom length if needed. Plus, they come in four different colors: burnt orange, green, red, and gray.

Why it Stands Out to Us

We loved the combination of high-quality material and flexibility present with this model. The chaps are made with ballistic weave technology and a six-play Kevlar polyester blend, yet they still have a lot of give and are easy to work in.

Who Will Use This Most

Because Labonville offers the ability for extended length options on this model, this product would be a good choice for taller users.

Bottom Line

The Labonville X-Treme Competition Chaps are a top-notch product option that offers a wide range of size and color choices and strikes a good balance between flexibility and ease of motion combined with high-quality material. It is slightly annoying that they left out a pocket, though.

Best for the Money:
Forester Chainsaw Apron Chaps

Forester Chainsaw Apron Chaps with Pocket, Orange 37 Length With Adjustable Belt


  • Will not limit your movement
  • Included pocket is long and can store multiple tools
  • Resistant to water, oil, and other forms of flying debris
  • Made of a lightweight, rip-stop nylon material that will keep you cool as you are working
  • Comes in five different colors (orange, forest green, safety green, high visibility yellow and denim) and three different sizes (short, regular, and long)


  • Apron style is open at the back of the legs
  • Not recommended for use with electric chainsaws
  • Not as thick or durable as some of the competitor brands

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers appreciate how easy it is to adjust this product to fit their specific sizing needs. This quality is thanks to the two sets of durable buckles that provide maximum adjustability: one set in the back, and one set around the waist.

Why it Stands Out to Us

We seriously doubted that there could be a pair of chaps for such high quality and at such a low price. But it turned out it was not actually too good to be true – this product is real! Save your wallet a hit with the Forester model.

Who Will Use This Most

These chaps are recommended for use with less powerful machinery, such as gas chainsaws. They are not strong enough to stand up to an electrically powered chainsaw motor.

Bottom Line

The Forester Chainsaw Apron Chaps are a great product option that will not break the bank for you. Watch out, though – they do have a tendency to wiggle around if you do not secure the clasps super tight.

WoodlandPro Chainsaw Safety Chaps


  • Durable enough to stand up to regular use
  • Works well in a variety of different climates
  • WoodlandPro provides good customer service
  • Not too thick or heavy, so will not make you super sweaty
  • Has a variety of different straps and buckles to adjust specifically to your size needs


  • Does not have a pocket
  • Not capable of stopping an electric chainsaw

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers are impressed by the DuPont Kevlar protection this model provides. With two layers of that material (which happens to be the same material used in making bullet proof vests), and two layers of polyester felt padding, you will not have to worry about anything when wearing these chaps.

Why it Stands Out to Us

We liked the intentional design of the aforementioned material. It is intended to immediately pull apart when it encounters a chainsaw blade, so it will clog up the chain and stop it from continuing to rotate.

Who Will Use This Most

This product is a great option for those seeking protection when doing casual outdoor work. They are not really at the level to be used for industrial wood felling jobs.

Bottom Line

The WoodlandPro Chainsaw Safety Chaps are an all-around excellent product option that are as protective as a bulletproof vest and will immediately pull apart if it encounters a chainsaw blade. The one inconvenience some users report is that the material is too thick for the pants to be able to be cuffed.

Best Husqvarna Chainsaw Chaps:
Husqvarna Chain Saw Chaps

Husqvarna 587160702 Chain Saw Chaps Protective Functional Leg Wear


  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver around in
  • Strong enough to halt electric chainsaw motors
  • Comes in three different colors: blue, black, and gray
  • Includes five layers of Kevmalimot protective material
  • Husqvarna is a reliable power tool gear manufacturer that you will be able to trust


  • Does not cover ankle area
  • Only comes in a single size
  • Buckles are not particularly high quality

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers appreciate how easy it is to mold these chaps to your specific sizing needs. They not only have the usual waist strap, but they also include two sets of leg straps so you will be able to make them fit snugly no matter what the size.

Why it Stands Out to Us

We were impressed by the strength of this product. The material contains ballistic fibers that will rapidly bind up all chainsaw motors, even those on electric models, and make them stop running almost instantly.

Who Will Use This Most

Users report that this is a great product option not just for occasional home use, but that it also does well at the professional level, for forestry and arborist tasks.

Bottom Line

These Husqvarna Chain Saw Chaps are an extremely impressive product option and made of what probably is one of the toughest materials out there. If you are looking for the maximum in safety, look no farther. The only drawback is that they do have a tendency to twist up around your legs.

​Types of Chainsaw Chaps

There are essentially two different types of chainsaw chaps, categorized by the amount of protection they provide:

Type A

Type A chainsaw chaps utilize a true “chap” style – that is to say, they really only cover the front of your legs and are open in the back. They are intended to be worn over another pair of pants. This type is an awesome choice for homeowner use because it offers the fullest range of mobility, and oftentimes for lightweight suburban-type cutting jobs, the maximum safety level is not really required.

Type C

Type C chaps are not even really chaps, they are basically full pants in and of themselves (although you are still supposed to wear other pants underneath them, otherwise you would probably not be very comfortable!). This type covers the user’s legs fully, and often also includes a level of ankle coverage. If you work with chainsaws on a professional level, this type would probably be the one you would want to go with to ensure your safety.


Can you really put a price on your own safety? We didn’t think so. Investing in a solid pair of chainsaw chaps is the right decision, even if you only ever occasionally use your chainsaw. Better safe than sorry! We promise that if you choose a brand from our list, you are guaranteed to be satisfied.

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