4 Types of Greenhouse Pots – Do You Know All of Them?

The following page explains the options for you if you are searching for greenhouse pots. Greenhouse pots come in various sizes, shapes and materials depending on whether you are looking for something environmentally-friendly, decorative, utilitarian, or commercial.

Biodegradable Greenhouse Pots

The advantage of biodegradable pots is that they offer great drainage, aid in insulating the plant, are made of natural products that biodegrade, and can be planted directly into the ground. These pots are excellent for starting seeds that you will eventually transplant into the garden.

Dill seedlings in a biodegradable pots (Source)

When starting plants in biodegradable greenhouse pots, mist the pot before filling with soil, and be sure to water regularly (but don't saturate the pot). These pots can wick away quite a bit of moisture. When planting, break away the bottom half of the pot to allow the roots to grow easily into the surrounding soil. Plant the pots so that they are covered by soil. This will ensure the complete breakdown of the pot's materials.

Plastic Greenhouse Pots

Plastic pots are the most economical and widely used. They are excellent in greenhouses because they are lightweight and can be easily placed on shelves. Because they are made from plastic they can be recycled or used for other purposes.

These pots can be bought in round or square shapes, but please note that the square pots will require more soil. These pots can also be found in varying depths for varying applications (ie. bulb pots for annuals, cacti or other plants with shallow roots).

Nursery Greenhouse Pots

Nursery pots are made of a sturdier construction than traditional plastic pots and are a staple of commercial growers. These pots can withstand multiple seasons of use, are flexible and can be bought in varying weights (thickness of the walls). These pots are often made by a blow-molding manufacturing process, meaning that they can be made in one-piece, and are stress-crack and impact resistant.

Decorative Greenhouse Pots

The choices are unlimited when looking for decorative greenhouse pots. These pots can be made from plastic, concrete, clay, glass, wood, fiberglass, metal, or various other materials. Some decorative pots are illuminated, creating a beautiful addition to a conservatory greenhouse or green space. If you have a look that you are going for, a decorative pot can be found to match!

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