5 Quality Pruning Saws to Tackle Projects With Ease

Pruning saws are a must have for any homeowner who does not want their yard to eventually become overgrown in a mass of tangled tree branches. Pruning saws are a simple, effective way to keep your yard looking like you employ a professional landscaping crew. Read on to learn more about these awesome tools.

Comparison of the Best Pruning Saws

  • Can be used for construction, pruning, and trimming
  • The 14-inch blade offers extended reach, longer stroke, and a larger cutting capacity
  • Can be used for construction, pruning, and trimming
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  • Hardened triple-cut razor teeth ensure fast and smooth sawing
  • Plastic scabbard protects the hand saw from rust and prevents injury
  • Manufactured with double color anti-skid, the handle offers a firm grip and is comfortable to use
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  • 10” blade is capable of cutting branches that measure 5-6” in diameter
  • Co-molded handles provide an extremely comfortable grip
  • Curved blade is designed with up to 6 teeth per inch, ensuring faster cutting
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  • The pruning saw is designed with a Kyoku blade for cleaner cuts
  • Polished finish protects the blade from rust and ensures durability
  • The unit goes through cutting-edge shock hardening processing
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  • Clamping jaws firmly grab and cut in one motion, ensuring controlled cutting
  • 20V MAX Li-ion battery system can be easily swapped with other power and lawn tools
  • The unit is capable of making up to 150 cuts per charge
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What is a Pruning Saw Used For?

A pruning saw is primarily intended to be used for yard work – for pruning tree branches that are getting a little too close to your roof, or cutting down small saplings that have taken root in your yard. However, these are versatile enough to also be carried along on camping trips and used for chopping firewood.

Aspects to Consider When Buying a Pruning Saw

Pruning saws can be very handy if you invest in the proper features – here is what to keep an eye out for:


As mentioned above, these do not have to just be used for working in your yard. They can be brought along on hiking or backpacking trips, and they are also pretty handy when it comes to emergency survival equipment. You want one that will be able to cut through a wide variety of different kinds of wood and plant growth, because you never know when you might need it.

Ease of Transportation

You are going to be carrying this all over your yard at the very least, and potentially with you up into the woods, so you want to make sure you can bring it along with you wherever you need to go. A number of pruning saws come with their own sheaths, and even some with sheaths specifically designed to be looped onto a belt or a backpack.


These are, by necessity, incredibly sharp. You will want to make sure you invest in a model that, if it folds, has a sturdy locking mechanism to prevent accidental opening, and, if it does not fold, comes with some sort of protective cover so you are not in a position where you could unintentionally hurt yourself.

Review of the Best Pruning Saws

Now that you know what to look for, let’s go check out some actual products:

Best Overall:
Silky Professional Series BIGBOY 2000


  • Multi purpose
  • Makes fast cuts
  • Cuts easily, primarily on the down stroke
  • Silky is a reliable brand you know that you can count on
  • Has a bright yellow handle so you can spot it easily if you have left it on the ground


  • Does not come with a sheath, so you will have to get your own protective cover for it

The Silky Professional Series BIGBOY 2000 is a fantastic option that will be able to serve a multitude of purposes. If you are looking for one primarily to clear some aspects of your garden or yard, this Silky will do it for you.

If you are a gardener who also happens to like going camping or backpacking, and you need a saw to cut firewood or to clear your path of brush, the Silky will also come through for you there! There is not much this one will not be able to do.

It is lightweight, so it can easily be carried along wherever you need it to go. It can cut through a wide range of different kinds of wood, from the slimmer branches on smaller plants all the way up to thick logs (yes, logs) up to twelve inches in diameter! If you are looking for a model that can get it all done in any circumstance, you will not be able to go wrong with the Silky Professional Series BIGBOY 2000.

Bottom Line

The Silky Professional Series BIGBOY 2000 is the ideal pick that will always be there for you, no matter what project you put in front of it. Just be mindful that it does not come with its own sheath.   

Best for Trees:
coher Folding Hand Saw + Plastic Case

coher Folding Hand Saw for Tree Pruning, Camping, Gardening, Hunting. Cutting Wood, PVC, Bone with Ergonomic Handle Design and Plastic Case


  • Good size for smaller jobs
  • Well made of high quality material
  • Also would be great in a survival kit
  • Makes quick, easy cuts, even through solid tree branches
  • Comes with its own plastic storage case for safety purposes


  • Locking mechanism is so secure that sometimes it can be difficult to open

If you are a little spooked by the Silky’s lack of a sheath, and you are looking for a model that can still handle cutting trees but comes with a little bit more of a safety assurance, you will find it in the coher Folding Hand Saw + Plastic Case. Users report it cuts through tree branches with as little resistance as a knife would cut through soft cheese!

This hardy cutting ability also translates to an incredibly smooth cut, meaning this could probably also easily be used for woodworking projects. The blade locks into two different positions, as well as completely closed, and it strikes an excellent balance between flexibility and rigidity. There really is not much you could not do with it.

Bottom Line

The coher Folding Hand Saw + Plastic Case is an excellent little option that you could use for a wide variety of different cuts, though it is most effective on pruning trees. You may need to put in a little bit of extra effort to open it, but that only adds to its overall safety.

Best Folding Pruning Saw:
Corona RazorTOOTH

Corona RazorTOOTH  Folding Pruning Saw, 10 Inch Curved Blade, RS 7265D


  • Arrives super sharp
  • Durable, will last a long time
  • Makes incredibly smooth cuts
  • Endorsed for use by certified arborists
  • Can easily cut through logs up to six inches in diameter
  • Corona is a brand well known


  • Some of the sharp teeth remain exposed even when it is fully closed
  • Blade rusts easily, so make sure you clean it after use and store it in a dry place

The Corona RazorTOOTH is an excellent option for on the go pruning jobs. Its size (the blade is seven inches in length) is just about perfect for handling it with ease, as well as conveniently sticking it into a side pocket when you are on the move.

Speaking of the blade, this shiny chrome metal will not become stuck in wood, even when that wood is soaked through, so you will not have to worry about bringing it along camping in inclement weather, or waiting for your yard to dry out when fixing storm damage (just make sure that if you do get it wet, you take the time to clean it up properly after using it – the chrome does tend to rust pretty easily). This blade will still be chomping through logs of up to six inches in diameter no matter what the conditions!

Bottom Line

The Corona RazorTOOTH is a great choice whose size and folding capabilities make it excellent to bring along on the go. Be careful when handling it, though – some of the teeth can remain exposed even when it is fully closed.

Best Japanese Pruning Saw:
Samurai Ichiban 13”

Samurai Ichiban 13' Curved Pruning Saw with Scabbard (GC-330-LH)


  • Sturdy
  • Lightweight
  • Blade is extremely sharp upon arrival
  • Samurai Ichiban provides excellent customer service
  • Easily used by those with little to no pruning saw experience


  • Does not make particularly smooth cuts

If you have looked at the most basic level, you know you are going to be seeing a lot of Japanese brands. We are here to tell you that the one you should trust is Samurai Ichiban, with their Samurai Ichiban 13” model. If you are new to the world of these and are feeling a little intimidated or overwhelmed, this is the one for you.

It is extremely easy to use – so easy, in fact, that some users who reported dreading their pruning chores in the past are now looking for more pruning projects to do after getting this one! You will probably tire out before this model tires out, though it is true that with its ergonomically designed handle encased in soft rubber, you certainly will not have to worry about hand cramps with this bad boy. It even comes with a hard plastic scabbard with an included belt loop for easy carrying. If you are looking for an accessible choice that will get the job done, look no farther than the Samurai Ichiban.

Bottom Line

The Samurai Ichiban is a super accessible pruning saw that anyone could use, regardless of their experience level. Just know that it does not make the smoothest cuts out of all the models on this list.

Best Electric Pruning Saw:

BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Alligator Lopper Cordless Chainsaw, Tool Only (LLP120B)


  • Powerful
  • Easy to use
  • Battery lasts a long time
  • Is a lot lighter than it looks
  • Cuts through a wide variety of different kinds of wood


  • Battery is difficult to change out
  • Included plastic squeeze bottle for oil changing is pretty useless

When it comes to efficiency in pruning, you can’t really get better than an electric model. And when it comes to these, you can’t really get better than the BLACK + DECKER LLP120B! This saw can buzz through limbs of up to three or four inches in diameter as if they are not even there, and that is true for a wide variety of different kinds of wood – you name it and this saw can probably cut it.

It also comes with a number of convenient and protective safety measures, including a safety switch on both handles and blade protectors, which also come in handy when you are cutting close to the ground and could accidentally hit some dirt. You will not have to worry about dirt causing damage! It has a lot of power and will be able to accomplish pretty much anything you could imagine needing it to get done. You can’t go wrong with the BLACK + DECKER LLP120B.

Bottom Line

The BLACK + DECKER LLP120B is an excellent pick with a lot of efficiency and guaranteed safety features. The only issues are purely convenience based, including changing the battery and the oil.

How to Sharpen a Pruning Saw

All options will eventually become dull after prolonged use, and there is a very specific process for effectively sharpening your blades.

First, you need to understand that each tooth has three edges: the back edge, the front edge (also called the cutting edge), and the top edge. You will initially start out by sharpening the teeth’s back edges. You need to clamp your saw firmly into place (blade up, obviously), and use a file to sharpen each tooth’s back edge.

Then, move to sharpen each tooth’s front edge/cutting edge.

Finally, you will need to sharpen the top edge of each tooth. This process requires a little bit more finesse as you will need to sharpen each side of the top edge separately. The whole process can be seen more clearly in the video below.


Pruning saws are great tools for keeping your yard tidy in a way that will not require you to shell out hundreds of dollars for tree trimmers or break your back doing long extended labor. Make sure you get a saw that will fit all of your cutting needs, and soon you will be relaxing in your backyard instead of resenting it.

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